Sam Roden, Songwriter

Welcome to Sam's discography of songs has something for every listener, whether it is rock and roll, country or pop. Whether it is heavy-metal rifts, country lullabies, political rock to stir up your patriotism, or pop love songs for that special mate, it's all here. Sam has been playing the guitar and writing songs for over 40 years. His repertoire is extensive and unique to his passion for composing music and lyrics. Here you can listen to Sam's music and learn about Sam's style of writing, his various methods, and where he finds his inspiration for writing song after song, never stopping the creative process.

Sam Roden picked up his first musical instrument at the age of 8 when he tried his hand at his sister's electrical organ. He bought his first guitar, an Ibanez, at the age of 15. Sam says the whole songwriting process is just part of everyday life to him. He loves to write songs and hopefully create art in the process. "The melodies just come to me," Sam says. "It's similar to throwing paint on a canvas and seeing what you come up with."

Sam may often be found in his pajamas in his cabana in his backyard in Dallas, at 5 AM in the morning, drinking a cup of coffee and strumming his acoustical guitar, coming up with a new song. "Creating music is such a huge release for me," Sam explains. Sam has been recording his songs in Dallas for over twenty-five years. His advice to young songwriters trying to break into the business is to keep writing songs, have a real plan and stick to it, and promote oneself.

Sam knows a song must grab your attention at the beginning and set a tone. Strong opening lines are essential to grab the attention of the listener and compel them to keep listening. An effective songwriter needs fresh, unique ideas presented as a song that is descriptive and clear, building on a theme, a mood, or an emotion. There must be a melding of the lyrics with the melody, like the patterns of rhythm and sound used in poetry.

If a song includes a memorable hook it becomes all the more commercially viable. The song must also have a structure and length that make the format appropriate for commercial potential and listener pleasure. Like a poem that should always be read twice, your song should have that special something that makes the listener want to listen to it again. Your song should evoke an emotional response from the listener with which they can relate.

Like poets, songwriters are born, not made. One can't learn to be a songwriter if the spark of creativity is not there. No matter how much one practices their craft or aspires to be a good songwriter, if you don't feel it in your bones, it won't work. Sam knows a songwriter must be driven by an unknown force to create from his heart a contribution to life and the living, to move people with his art. He must have a burning force within himself to create the next song.


Thank you and always enjoy the moment or whatever you're into!

Sam Roden